We are now in Tenerife after a troublesome day trying to find the house, we had to give it up because it became dark and we couldn’t see much. We stayed at a lovely hotel in the mountains Finca San Juan , a German owned “Land Hotel”, everyone was helpful and friendly. The food was excellent and we were both too exhausted to notice how the beds were 😀 … the next day we get an email from the owner of the house we have rented for the winter, with a better explanation of how to get to the house. That would have been ever so nice to have had it when we needed it.

In the morning we wanted to get a taxi to drive us back and hopefully find the house – one problem, no taxis – yes call a taxi from Puerto de la Cruz and pay for that + pay for the drive back – fair enough for the taxi driver. Luckily a guest with a big Mercedes offered to lend it to the owner of the hotel, who drove us back and we found the house – pew excellent – although we spent unnecessary €113 .

Below a photo of the entrance: have we known this to be the port, we would have find it – who would know that inside this are 7 town houses? #1-8 …