Yesterday I bought Manifesting Course by Lucky Bitch – Denise Duffield-Thomas, it’s a five-week course where you learn to – well yes – to manifest everything you want. Right away you can download all the files – which are 10, one audio file or the transcript and a manual. This way I can get organised immediately, I like that!

So, the first week is about getting decluttered, not just tidying up in your wardrobe and under your kitchen sink. Properly decluttering everything, when you want to manifest anything you will need to declutter everything. As simple as that.

The first assessment

is your body, your physical body. Like, what’s going on in my body, really feel it, every part of it. How does it feel and where, being a visual person I used an image of an avatar of myself from My Diet com. It’s a cool website, you type in your measures and an avatar appear, you can choose the colours of your eyes, hair etc. On the image, I added what don’t feel well in my body.

As a surprise, what came up was my teeth, I do need to have a big job done, and I haven’t even bothered to check the price, I “think” the price is approx. same as a two-bedroom apartment with a harbour view. This will be the first declutter for me.

On the joyful side: A new craniosacral therapist has opened her clinic here, I got an appointment tomorrow morning. I did not buy the lovely ethnic and knitted cardigan as two craniosacral treatments equal one of this cardigan.

This first day of the first week, my manifestation list is:

  1. Have my teeth done
  2. Four more craniosacral sessions
  3. A knitted cardigan – Swedish design and handmade

and what I have accomplished:

  1. Had a good feel of how my body feels and wrote it down
  2. Epiphany about the dentist job I need.
  3. Feeling great about taking action.

If you want to see what I am talking, you can download 5 free manifesting videos from Lucky Bitch Manifesting Course, just click the image.


Second Day

The craniosacral session was absolutely lovely, the therapist is soft, kind and compassionate. At first, I was about to panic because the room had no windows it felt claustrophobic, I managed by deep breathing. I feel lighter and more energetic, after a long nap.

I started to check dentist prices in Finland and in Tenerife. My dilemma is that dentist treatment is free in Finland when you are 60+, which I am. Yes, it doesn’t sound much of a dilemma but what is the quality of the “free” work? I will continue to get two different prices, from a Finnish non-state dentist and a “normal” and the Finnish dentist in Tenerife. (I will stay there from late October 2016 to late March 2017).

Next is to answer four questions under the common “What is going on?” the last being ”

What would be the most loving action you can take right now?”. This will take some time as I have to think back in time – and I do have plenty of that!

I managed to find good solution within a few hours and then approx. one in the evening.

Feeling again ligther.

The second assessment

is Lifestyle, the way we live our daily lives, too much drama around you makes no room for manifesting. There is a questionnaire to fill out, on a technical side, a cool pdf file that automatically add ticks when you click. Must check how that’s done! I am happy to say I answered yes to most of the questions and one the one about my car (I have none and don’t want one). So, there will not be much work there.

Still, there are the same four questions as first assessment – that might take some time.