A diet from James Duigan (personal trainer for “The body” Hugh Grant and other celebrities).

C.R.A.P stands for:

C: Caffeine
R: Refined foods
A: Alcohol & Artificial sugars
P: Processed foods

Toxins and acids makes us fat: “Anybody who eats and drinks too much alcohol, fizzy drinks or sugar and processed food, will struggle to keep their weight down. That’s because toxins are stored in fat cells, so they encourage your body to cling on to fat. If you are dieting the regular way but still taking in toxins, you’ll lose weight, but the toxins have will have nowhere to go except back into your system”.
And that is why you feel unwell, headachy and lethargic within a few days of starting a diet. Your body quickly decides it doesn’t like feeling this way and clings onto far more doggedly so the toxins have somewhere to go. So if you are even mildly ‘toxic’, you will find it hard to lose weight. “The only way to get lean, is to get clean” says James Duigan.

  • One cup of coffee is allowed per day, organic and as dark as possible
  • Some processed food can be OK like a good quality of tomato sauce.
  • Low fat yogurt is really nasty too – go for the the full-fat Greek version
  • Anything ending in ‘ose’ is nasty for your body
  • Alcohol, if you must as clean as possible, like Vodka or Snaps
  • Fat makes you slim – good fat from avocados, olives, nuts and oily fish, when you eat an apple eat a few nuts to go with it. Fat speeds up the metabolism.

*Have a cheat meal* after a 14-days kick-start plan, you can have one *cheat meal* a week.

*Take fish oils* Perricone MD Fish Oil

*Have a bath* Make it fairly hot to sweat out toxins and add some Epsom Salts and body brush all over, working in the direction of your heart.


Breakfast: 50 g smoked salmon with 1 poached egg and a wedge of lemon

Lunch: 1 grilled cod fillet with rocket, red onion and mangetout

Dinner: 1 chicken breast topped with pesto and baked, served with a large salad

Snacks (2 a day): half an avocado, a small handful of almonds/Brazil/cashews

Drinks: water w/lemon juice, green tea and 1 cup of coffee.

Foods that stress the body:

Sweets (interfere with the blood sugar level)

Processed foods (deplete your body of vitamins)

Salty foods (increase the blood pressure)

Excess of coffee

Foods that de-stress the body:


Green vegetables (regulates the blood sugar level)

Turkey (release serotonin)

Avocados (lower blood pressure)

Nuts (vitamin B)


James Duigan's book